Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Emma has started to say "cheese" when I pull the camera out. So I get smiles like this... HA!!

Sorry I think she has food in her mouth in both these pictures... maybe that is the problem.


Lindsay said...

Too funny!I remember when Miss Priss started saying's hilarious! UNTIL you are trying to take professional picts, then it becomes a "BAD" word. I wonder if we make a funny face when we say it, is that where they get it from? :)

Niki said...

Ha-ha!! That is great! She is still a cutie w/ or w/o food.

Lu said...

Love the table and chairs! Cute! And Gray has a habit of ALWAYS having food in his mouth too! Maybe a growth spurt that lasts growth spurt that lasts the year!!!

cassi rash said...

She's getting so big! They're smiles are precious!

Barbara said...

I wish you knew how much it makes my day to see my adorable great neices hamming it up, enjoying life, and seeing YOU loving being a mommy. Life is good.
Aunt BeeBe (Houston)