Thursday, May 14, 2009

operation bye bye paci - Day 2

8:00am -
She slept all night. AMEN! She did wake up about an hour earlier than normal (6:45!), but hopefully that will get better over time. I guess she will just be really tired for her nap and tonight (hopefully!).


2:00pm -
Emma was pretty fussy this morning. Mainly just wanting to be toted around. She had lots of snacks to keep her busy and only wanted the "cut" paci once. She went down for her nap willingly, but then fussed for about 10 minutes and went to sleep!! She is still sleeping (2.5 hours so far!) WOO HOO!! HUGE improvement in just one day!!

I have gotten several emails and calls... thank you everyone. I hope it keeps going this well!!!

8:00pm -
WOO HOO! Emma went to sleep without crying. I could hear her playing in her crib, but she was asleep in no time. I can't believe it! I will say that she was a bit of bear this afternoon and evening, but really has been managable. Amen for my husband who has gotten home just in time for me not to go crazy :)

So hopefully I'm not jinxing it, but I think we might be weaned from the paci!!


Amanda said...

Okay, you have seriously motivated me to do this! Way to go sticking to your plan. I have been thinking about it for a while, but she seems to always be getting a new tooth!!! I'll keep you posted. :)

The Lada Family said...

great.. just in time to visit my paci filled house!

hyperactive lu said...

how awesome!!! i can't believe she is doing this so easily!!!! go mama!!!

Fish Family said...

I am coming to you when I have to do this with Grady! Jackson, like Grace, never took a paci but Grady is a total paci kid! Yikes! Btw, the pics of the girls on the side of your page are GORGEOUS!!!

Megan said...

sounds like she's doing great!! way to go, emma and mommy!!