Monday, May 18, 2009

Coupon mania...


They have been consuming my life for the past week!


One of my friends is a huge coupon shopper. And I don't mean you bring your 5 coupons you cut and save maybe $2.50. She saves like at least half her bill (or more!).

Well she has taught me everything she knows. And its so fun.

I'm actually quite obsessed.
I bought a really big binder and some baseball card protectors (to organize my coupons) and I'm already saving money.

My friend even took my shopping last week to show me her tricks.
I spent a total of $38 at Kroger and Albertsons, but my bills were suppose to be somewhere around $100! Some of the best deals I got where ....ketchup for .40 cents, 5 toothbrushes for FREE, and BBQ sauce for FREE.
I then did Target today and did pretty well. I bought a few other non-food items (you know other essential stuff like cute shorts, gifts, etc!... hey will all the money I'm saving I have more to spend other places... I'm sure Adam doesn't look at it that way!!). But my total on food would have been somewhere around $40 and I only spent $21.54 on food! Over $18 saved.

Anyway, I'm no expert, but I just wanted to encourage everyone to think about it. In these times who couldn't hurt to save a few bucks (or more!).
OH and there are SO many blogs out there they tell you where to find all the deals and what coupons to use. How much easier can get it get??!!


Lu said...

Lots of gals around here doing the notebook too. Also people buy coupons on ebay. I think a friend and I are going to a coupon lecture....this friend doesn't need the help though- shes one who feeds her family of 4 on $50 a week! :) Aren't coupons great!?!

Lindsay said...

So, I didn't get the binder yet, but I have been clipping :) Oh and I guess you'll have to take me since she'll be out of comission for a little while!!! I have a baggy full of coupons, Sundays paper was good!
Yay, for saving money!!!

cassi rash said...

That's awesome! I cut coupons, but didn't have any easy way of filing them? Those are some great savings. Where do you find/get your coupons from?

Niki said...

Ok, you gotta teach me, I never save that much money...but then again,I guess I don't know the tricks :).

Thomas and Melissa said...

Its so addicting :) I love it, its so fun!! Im sure lisa has told you cassi... but we get 4 sunday papers, use websites and then the all you magazine that you can only get at walmart has great coupons!! Have lisa send you the email that i sent her with all the websites.. they help!!