Wednesday, May 13, 2009

operation bye bye paci

Updates at the bottom....


So if you know me you know that I've been worrying for MONTHS over these darn pacifiers.

Grace never took a paci. So I feel like I'm in foreign waters with the whole paci thing.

Some people say why do you want to get rid of it. Lots of reasons....
1. I'm surprised I haven't gotten into a car accident trying to hunt down the 4th paci she threw across my suv.
2. She is really starting to talk (I LOVE IT), but I don't want this to be an issue. She typically has it only for bedtimes, but she really wants it all the time. I just want to make every attempt to not have the same speech issues as Grace.
3. I hate cleaning them. Seriously I think we have about 15 pacis in our house. I always have a spare in case it falls on the ground or something and she usually has a few in her crib. I feel like I'm always sanitizing, etc.
4. She does have a little blankie that she carries... so I feel like I always have to hunt for the blankie and paci. (And I have NO plans of getting rid of the blankie... she can have it till she goes to college for all I care!)

Point being... I'm done.

So after a good pep talk from the moms in my bible study I decided we were done.

Since she isn't teething and isn't sick I decided today was the day!

I cut one paci (and hid the other 14!) to were there was really nothing to hold it in her mouth. She would put it in and pull it back out. I'm sure she was thinking "what the heck is wrong with this thing!".

We had a busy morning so I knew she was tired. She laid right down like normal and I could hear her playing her crib for about 15 minutes and then the crying started. She cried for maybe 30-40 minutes. Not really sure b/c I was starting laundry and eating lunch and chatting with my neighbor to tune out the crying.

Well she is asleep now!! WOO HOO! I know its not over yet, but maybe??!! I'll update later how the rest of the day goes and tonight.

I hope no one thinks I'm a mean mom for taking away her something that soothes her. She will get extra hugs and kisses and of course she still has her lovey blanket.

Update #1: 3:23PM

She took about a 2 hour nap. Shorter than normal, but she woke up happy and smiling. She went to my purse (looking for a paci), but didn't find one.

Off to the park to keep her distracted.
Update #2: 8:45PM

The afternoon and evening went okay. Emma was definitely upset so we hung out outside pretty much until bedtime. (She LOVES being outside!)

Did the normal bedtime routine and laid her down. This time she was not happy! She pretty much started crying immediately. She cried for 45 minutes before calming down and falling asleep.

I hate this so much... hearing your baby sad stinks. I'm hangin' in there! Not going to start this over!!

Hopefully the night will go okay.


The Cabe Family said...

I say after 3 days you are good...on day #2 Carson was crying SO hard before bed...I hid in the bathroom and kept yelling at Matt, "just give it to her!!" (like she was some kind of addict going through withdrawals!), but after that night she never had another paci...she found her thumb! She's 9...and she still finds her thumb sometimes...I can't cut that off!!

hyperactive lu said...

You are wise for doing it so early. I am planning on taking the paci away from Peanut before baby no 3 comes along. I don't think kids older than 2 should be walking around with them and even then, once theres another kid in the house younger, I mean, they aren't the baby anymore. Just my opinion though!!! Bubbie had a paci and it was worse than Peanut. We finally told Bubbie that he would get a prize if he sent the paci fairies all his pacifiers. I worked and he never looked back! :) Hoping Peanut is that easy!!!

You are not a mean mom! Way to go!!!

missy said...

Wow! I'm speechless....I'm very proud of you for sticking to your guns, Lisa. I keep telling myself, when we get into our new home, NO MORE SASSY!! But, I've also told myself that he will stop the addiction by 2. Whatever comes first. I may need your shoulder to cry on and your ear to scream in :).

Erin said...

Oh Lisa,
I will pray for you and Emma. Good for you for sticking with it. :) You're such a good mommy!

Niki said...

Now that Alex is two, and also Dr. said it's time to give up the paci. So it took me til today (thanks to reading your blog) to get the courage to do so. Doctor gave me 3 tactics to go about this, and decided on him still having the paci but cutting it little by little til there is nothing and I will have him throw it away...I hope that works, today at nap, he was trying to figure out why he couldn't suck anymore ;). Thanks to you we have started Operation Dump The Paci Habit

The Lada Family said...

Good luck with that, but you know my child will have her paci for a while longer! WE LOVE PACI's. They don't bother me much either... but I'm the mom that let's my kids paci drop on the floor at walmart just to pick it back up and plop it in her mouth again. Sanitizing... what's that?