Monday, May 18, 2009

paci business and more

So the paci business is going great. She is still hanging onto her cut paci (and by cut I mean CUT)... she is really just holding it in her mouth with her teeth.Overall though interest has gone WAY down. She really only wants it to go to bed, but by time I go to check on her its across her crib no where near her mouth. I'll probably take the "cut" paci away sometime next week as we are planning a trip to see some friends 5 hours away for Memorial day and I need some sanity :)

Emma also has a little bug or something. Got a fever today out of no where and it spiked to 103.5. I really hate fevers. It's still around 102, but after a quick trip to the pediatrician (just to make sure it wasn't her ears), she is sleeping. Hopefully it will be gone as quickly as it came. And she'll be back to being my happy girl soon.


Lu said...

Lots of stuff going around GA right now- strep, colds, virus with fever, virus with throwing up....and on and on.... Not sure why all of the sudden bugs are crazy!!!! :) Hope she starts feeling better! That pic is adorable!!! I took Peanut to the doc on Friday thinking he had strep, but nope- just a cold!

Tiffany said...

Poor Emma. I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

cassi rash said...

Hope she gets to feeling better. That is a precious picture of her!