Monday, May 11, 2009

look alikes

Okay so I haven't done any comparable recently. Really I HATE comparing my girls because they are really so different. But I think its crazy how much they look alike... especially before Grace's hair got curly.

Anyway, I took one of these the other day of Emma and one was taken about 2 years of Grace. Who is Grace and who is Emma??



(Sorry they aren't really looking at the camera...but I thought it was funny that we took nearly the same picture 2 years later. We seem to do that a lot.)
ps... Grace's hair didn't get curly until about 18 months.


cassi rash said...

They do look a lot alike. They're both beautiful little girls!

Tiffany said...

I know the answer :o) (Plus I can tell from your house decorations in picture #2)

Lindsay said...

Oh that's too funny, they really did look alike! #1 is Emma & #2 is Grace

The Lada Family said...

ditto Tiffany's comment. They do look just alike, but Emma has your nose.
On that note... avery's hair is starting to turn blonde :-(

Meagan said...

oh gosh! that is tough! I would say Grace #1 and Emma #2, but maybe I'm wrong according to the other comments. Either way - both wayyyy cute :)

Megan said...

That's SO crazy!! They look SOOO much alike!