Sunday, January 14, 2007

11 months!

I can't believe my little baby is already 11 months. In one short month she will be 1 year old!

Here is what Grace is up to these days:
*She is learning more words. As you all know she can say "Mama" and "Dada" like a pro, but if you say "Uh Oh" she will say "OH"... too cute! I also think she says "du" for duck and "do" for dog, but I'm not sure many would agree with me.
*She is trying to blow kisses... or I guess I'm trying to teach her to blow kisses. She still thinks that it means to do the Indian noise, but maybe she will get it soon.
*She still only has 4 teeth and is currently working on the 5th and 6th tooth (in the middle of the night I might add!).
*She will cruise (walk holding onto furniture) around the house, but as soon as she wants something quick or gets to a corner she gets down and crawls. So I guess she isn't ready to walk. She has stood up on her a couple times, but as soon as she realizes that she isn't holding onto anything or that no one is holding onto her, she immediately sits down! (I guess she is going to a bit of a wimp.)
*She eats pretty much anything we give her. She especially loves any pastas (spaghetti is her fav), veggies and loves cheese (which we have to limit due to the poo issues).

I think that is about it. We are already getting ready for her 1st birthday party, which we hope everyone can make.


Michelle said...

She is just too cute! Can't believe she is about to be 1! Time flys when you are having fun!

Megan said...

Yea! Happy birthday, Grace! She is so adorable!

Nicole said...

I love that age! 11 months is just a fun age huh? She is just a doll.