Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doctor, Doctor... give me the news...

Sorry I haven't posted in several days, Grace has not been feeling great.

I thought it was the start of yet another ear infection, so I loaded her up in the car on Monday and took her to see her pediatrician. Thankfully it is just teething. He looked at her ears and one looked "crystal clear" and he said the other had a bit of fluid on it. He thought it was just in the healing stage but said it could be the start of a new ear infection. GREAT. He said to keep a close eye on her and call if I had any questions.

Even though she was *just* teething, the doctor made me feel like I had done the right thing by bringing her in. He looked her over, said her eczema looked good and talked a bit about her constipation issues. He didn't rush me out the door, he didn't make me feel dumb for bringing my child to the doctor when it was just teething... to be honest, I felt like I got my moneys worth... all $153 of them (part of my $500 deductible... we don't have copays). He even gave a handfull of samples... Grace's lotion that is freekin' expensive (but it works!), so I guess it was worth the money and trip! :) Hopefully the fluid on her ear isn't another infection starting.

I should note that this is the 3rd time Grace has seen her pediatrician this month!! Hopefully this isn't a trend!


Lace said...

ear infections suck, and i hope they dont end up with tubes! we are having kateys dedication at church on the 25th, so exciting! love you and miss you!

Lindsay said...

poor baby girl!
Hopefully it will all pass soon!