Monday, January 22, 2007

Grace's birthday wish list

Gracie's 1st birthday is quickly approaching and a couple family members and friends have asked me what she wants/needs for her birthday. While Grace would LOVE anything that you pick out, here are just a few suggestions...

1. Board books

2. PJ's (18-24 months... pajamas tend to run a bit small)
3. Spring/Summer clothes (12-18 months)
Push-Around Buggy
5. Robeez (12-18 months)
6. Baby Einstein DVD's
7. Bath toys
Fisher Price piano
9. Shopping Cart
10. Pretend food and play dishes for kitchen
11. Instrument set
12. Pop up tent


Anna said...

Awww her first birthday! That is always such a special one. =)

Lisa said...

OMG, I am tearing... YES seriously!
I can not believe taht Grace is about to be 1 and i can not believe Travis is right behind her!
OH Lisa, what are we going to do? Time goes to fast!

Hailey Lada said...

Ikea has a cool crawl through tube thing! Molly played in the one at the store for a good 10 minutes (which is pretty long for her to play with the same thing) I would have got it for her but I already have something. Check it out at It folds up nice and small too.