Monday, January 08, 2007


FINALLY!! She said "Mama" 3 times yesderday and a bunch today! YEAH!! I've thought I heard it in the past, but Adam said it wasn't mama. Anyway, she IS saying it now. So after a good 2 months (at least) of saying "Dada" I finally get some thanks for giving birth to her! I can't wait till she can tell me she loves me. I am sure it will be an amazing feeling!!


Megan said...

I am SO happy for you (and Grace)! I can't wait for that day! Way to go, Gracie!!

Lindsay said...


angeljet said...

what a winderful feeling it must be! my baby still can't say mama although the da-da-da-da-da is crsytal clear. me eldest said ma-ma first before da-da though.
i hope you don't mind me posting, i came across your blog and enjoyed reading it =)

Michelle said...

Oh how wonderful for you :) I'm eagerly waiting 'I love you' as well! Found your site by Tasha's, and loved it, especially the photos!