Wednesday, January 17, 2007

our church

Adam and I have always been the type that went to church when we could (which was usually once every month or 2), well about a year ago we decided that had to change. In college Adam and I were both in a different Christian organization and through people I met in that organization I met Adam (in a round about way). Anyway, so we have always wanted to have a church home. In college, we visited 3 different church, the Methodist church, the Baptist church and the non-denominational church. We got something different from each of them, but enjoyed going to which ever we felt like we needed that Sunday morning.

So we graduated, got married and moved to Oklahoma. Over the first year and a half we visited lots of churches both in the town we live in and another city about half an hour away. We weren't great about going... like I said we went about once either month or two. Once we got pregnant we knew we needed to find a church home.

It was about this time last year we decided that we wanted to start going to the Methodist Church in town regularly. Adam was raised Methodist and we were married in a Methodist church in Dallas so we felt like it would be a good fit for us... especially after trying churches that weren't our style. So we started going, we had Grace and kept going.

I was sooooo scard to leave Grace in the nursery, but she loves it. The ladies in there are so loving and they really seem to enjoy her.

After several months we joined the church (August 2006) and are now finally going to get Grace baptized in February. (We wanted to have her baptism sooner, but it just didn't happen especially with trying to get 2 sets of Grandparents here).

I've volunteered a few times to do Meals on Wheels (Grace and I deliver meals to elderly in the community) and we have served dinner at the church on Wednesday nights. I just love that we have met so many other couples with kids. I even met one mom that has a playgroup at her home every week... I've been going for a while now and its nice to sit, relax and chat with other moms while the kids play and pretty much have the run of the house!

We also made it a rule sometime last fall that if we were home we were going to church (that is of course if no one is sick, etc). Grace and I have even gone by ourselves a couple times when Adam was out of town. So if you don't have a church that you regularly go to.... find one... it has been a wonderful blessing for our family!


Megan said...

We're desperately searching with little success. We just haven't found the right place yet. Like you, we know we have to find a special place where Eleanor can make friends and learn about Jesus. I must say that I've been very brave about leaving her in the nursery with total strangers since we keep trying new places. I would really appreciate prayers that we will find a church home SOON! I'm glad that your family has a place you love to worship!

Margaret said...

That's awesome - I wish of course you came to our church, but I am very glad you are going somewhere!

the duece crew said...

I'm so happy for yall. I know that our marriage, let alone our family can't survive without their love and support. We don't baptize babies since I am Baptist.(funny huh?), but I grew up Methodist so I was baptized. We dedicated Noah and water involved, but the same idea...hope to see you soon .