Monday, January 15, 2007

Double Ear Infection again

My poor little Grace. She just hasn't been herself and was acting like she does when she has gotten ear infections in the past so we headed to the doctor on this cold, icy day and sure enough she has an ear infection in both ears. We are trying a new antibiotic this time to see if it heals quicker and better. Tubes are a real possibility but we are going to wait a little longer to see if she gets more infections. Hopefully she wont get any more, because she is little Miss crab when she gets one. But I guess I can't blame her. The doctor did say she is also working on getting her 5th tooth. Oh and she tipped the scale at 20lbs even!


Megan said...

I am so sorry! That sounds awful! My doctor has already mentioned tubes too, and Eleanor is only 4 months. Yikes! However, one of my friends has a son who got an ear infection every single time he got a tooth, and he didn't get tubes. I hope Grace gets to feeling better, and that tooth breaks through soon.

Lindsay said...

poor baby!
I hope she gets better soon!
give her some kisses form Trav and I!

Melanee said...

Oh Lisa, your poor baby. She's always fighting those ear infections, huh? I hope the antibiotics work fast...for her sake AND yours.