Thursday, January 25, 2007


The weather has finally turned a bit nicer! It's still pretty cool and Grace has just gotten to feeling better from the ear infections so she is bundled up. These are the days when I wish I was a little kid and that something as simple as a swing on the back porch made my day. I guess I will just have to settle for living vicariously through Grace! :)

Tree Update:

Well like my granny told me... she said it would pop back up. Which is did quite a bit, but this is how it has looked like this for about 5 days now! Maybe it will stand tall once it gets warmer this Spring??


Lindsay said...

SO CUTE! Travis adores his swing also!
The tree looks good :)

Nicole said...

Swinging makes even me happy. Glad ya'll got to get out.

Michelle said...

I'm gonna have to get my Grace one of those! I have seen Trav in his and he loves it too. Hope you are doing well, glad to hear her ear infections are better. Have a great weekend!

Margaret said...

hey lisa - the pics aren't working - maybe it's my computer