Friday, September 05, 2008

6 months

Half a year... gone in the blink of an eye. Practically overnight.

Sweet little Emmy you are such a sunshine for our days. We love your little giggle and your sweet smile and even your quiet cry. It's funny to think you have only been here for 6 months, because I can't remember what life was like without you apart of it.

These days you are loving sitting up. You are still not really crawling, but if there is a toy (or a remote control or anything of your sisters) within a few feet of you, you find a way to get to it... really just scooting on the floor or rolling. You are still rocking on all 4's and have moved your hands and legs, but just not at the same time to make you GO like you so badly want to.

You think your big sister is so cool. I know she is your idol b/c you watch every move she makes and get sad when she isn't around. This is probably why you love riding in the car. We have you set up in the middle and your sister on the side, so you two get to sit next to one another. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

We have started you on rice cereal and even tried oatmeal, but so far you aren't that interested. Eating only a Tablespoon or so. Maybe you will skip baby food and just head straight for the good stuff like your sister did?!

We had to move you up in diapers to a size 3!! So sad for mommy. I love Pampers Swaddlers... just the look and smell of a little newborn baby. But I guess you aren't so new anymore. So onto big girl diapers... Cruisers for you! This really confused Grace, b/c she wears Cruisers (size 5) at night... so they look just like yours. Actually it confused your daddy too... he tried to put a size 3 on your sister. Oh daddy... what are we going to do with him?!

We love you sweet girl. I know you aren't going to stay small forever, but slow down just for a little while. :)


Lu said...

That post was just precious and the last pic is priceless!!!! Such sweet, special girls! How is Emma already 6 mos old?! Goodness!

Erin said...

They look so much alike.

Lindsay said...

oh lisa, This post brought tears to my eyes... I adore the last pics, if u get them printed, can I have one!! Travis adores your girls and would love to be able to look at them daily.
What dolls

The Lada Family said...

I would like to know how in the world you manage to get such great pictures of both the girls together! I have a hard time catching mine smiling individually. To top it off you're camera isn't functioning properly. You've got skills!

Andréa said...

OMG that last picture is the cutest! I can't believe 6 months already... Gesh! I remember when she was just born and we were sitting at Michelle's with me about to pop :D

Tasha said...

wow 6 time flies

Melissa said...

the girls are so adorable... we really have to get together this week!!

Josh and Allie said...

Oh my gosh your girls are so cute! Love this post :)