Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the park

Since the weather has finally turned to somewhat bearable.. you know low 90's/upper 80's... we have been getting out more often to enjoy it. Emma LOVES the swings and I finally remembered to bring my camera with us yesterday and took some pictures of the girls. Now if I could just get Adam to hang Emma's baby swing out back! :)

There was also this really cool bridge that I thought would make for some cute pictures. Once Emma is walking we are so going back. OH and maybe once I have a new camera. Although I might add I'm getting pretty good at looking through the view finder. Funny when you are so use to using a digital camera you forget that is even on your camera to use.


Barbara said...

Hi Lisa,
You certainly have a keen eye and great perspective...I love the black & white bridge photo. That is a great addition ro your portfolio.

Megan said...

Look at you, little miss photographer!! Love the last one!!

missy said...

The last one definately needs to be framed....looks all professional, shoot!
I laugh everytime you post a picture because I think of the night at Mattido's and remember how you just kinda have to hope that you're getting a good shot.
Ha! You and me with our ghetto cameras ;)!