Monday, September 15, 2008


Wow what a weekend. Friday and Saturday Adam and I were glued to the tv to watch Ike. My aunt and uncle have a house in Galveston (thankfully it is not their primary home) so we watching closely to see the hurricanes damage. We don't know about their house yet. I also have several friends and family in the greater Houston area. My parents even took in a different aunt and uncle that live in Houston. Since there is no power there is no air conditioning and it is still HOT in Houston this time of year. So they headed for some place cooler.
We also got news that 2 other friends got power back today. AMEN!

In other news, Grace had school today so Emmy and I headed to my friend's house to play. A couple other mommy's joined us and our 4 little girls just played on the floor. They all played contently while Emma crawled around stealing all their toys! Here are the sweetie's...

Ella, Emma, Reagan and Rachel

And in other breaking news... Emma ate Sweet Potatoes. I was just complaining/discussing how Emma was not interested in baby food. It has just been in the past week or two that I've gotten Emma to eat rice cereal. I've tried Peas, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Squash and I guess that is it, well she finally decided it wasn't so bad. She ate about 10 bites and then was done. Since that went well I thought I would try some peaches this evening... oh would have thought I fed her poison. She gagged and gave me a face like she ate something very sour. I guess we will try it another day. :)


The Lada Family said...

So strange that she doesn't like baby food. Avery just gobbles it all up and I have yet to find one that she doesn't like. Peaches... I can see how those might give a baby a sour face.
And... look at all those cuties sitting up. Avery still won't do it... well... she'll do it, but definitly not long enough to snap a picture.

Lu said...

It took Grayson FOREVER to like food.... he never liked the baby cereal. Around 5.5 mos he wanted to feed himself, so I nervously let him eat cheerios, bananas and gerber puffs. Around 6 mos I asked the doc and she said- if he wants it and is doing it well- go for it! I love LOVE the pic! It is so adorable!

Whitney said...

Hi Lisa,
I found your blog from my friend, Megan. Your girls are ADORABLE!! BTW, I just signed up on facebook last week and am clueless, too :)

Fish Family said...

So funny about the baby food! At least you had one success!!!