Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day weekend

We had a fun weekend. We headed out Saturday morning for Hot Springs, Arkansas. The girls did fabulous in the car (both ways). We didn't do a whole lot, but that was the main idea of the weekend... relax, eat good food (and not have to do the dishes), sleep in a hotel (where we don't have to clean the bathrooms or make the beds) and just have fun hanging out. My parents came along and it was VERY nice to have an extra set of hands to chase Grace and hold Emma. Our good friends, The Lada's, also joined us since they don't live far from Hot Springs. It was great to see them and their girls. We just wished we lived closer since we miss them so much!!
So happy to see each other!!

The little girls... Avery just wanted to eat Emma. And Emma let her :)

Hailey dyed my hair back to natural color... well a little dark right now, but it will fade in a few days. I'm not really good as a blonde (or whatever color I was) since I have such dark eyebrows and my roots were so dark. So back to dark.

Emmy and I

Only bummer about the trip was that we came back a day early. We weren't planning to come home till tomorrow, but due to the hurricane it is suppose to storm BAD (like 5-10 inches of rain), so we opted to drive when it wasn't pouring. So now we just have an extra day with Adam since he already has the day off! YEAH!
More pictures...
We went to an Alligator Farm and Petting zoo... sounds cool, but it was just okay.
This picture reminds me of Micheal Jackson holding his baby over the balcony, but Adam is holding MY baby over the gators! CRAZY!!
Grace watching the gators.. Feedings all the animals. She loved it. Looking at Hot Springs...holding on tight!! And lastly, a picture of Grace's boo boo. She is going through a "love of band aides" stage... do all kids go through this? She LOVES band aides. Anyway, Adam and Grace were playing with ball in the house this evening and Adam accidentally hit Grace on the nose with the ball. She was upset and disappeared into my bathroom... only to return with a band aid on her boo boo... her nose! It was so funny.


Lu said...

Looks like a great time! Glad y'alls trip wasn't ruined with the hurricane! Like your hair! OH and Chandler is the same way with the bandaids. One day he knocked his head on the car door.... he came home and put a bandaid on it! so silly!

Marlee Belle said...

Love the hair it looks great on you!! Our niece went through the bandaid stage. It lasted a while too...I always had Hello Kitty bandaids available when she came for visits!

Erin said...

So glad you had a nice weekend with the Lada's. I am sure y'all do miss them!

Melissa said...

Love the band-aid on the nose!! Yes, we are on the "band-aid kick" right now, too! I "hid" the idea of band-aids for as long as i could, but now there is no turning back!! And now we have Dora and Barbie band-aids- so there's definitely no turning back! Just wait til Daddy gets an "owie" and needs a band-aid and she brings him a barbie band-aid!! :)

The Lada Family said...

HILLARIOUS about Grace with the band aid! Molly likes to get into them and put them on but doesn't like to keep them on. I finally hid them.
The picture of grace standing on the rock wall with the fence scares me.
I LOVE the one of Molly and Grace. and... I have a really cute one of Emma with the deer.

Melissa said...

She is so funny!! I am pretty sure all kids go through the band aid stage :) I am so glad you all had fun, we'll have to do a little family vacation sometime!! have a great week!!