Saturday, September 20, 2008


My aunt and uncle went to Beijing for the Olympics last month and brought Grace and Emma back some adorable pjs. The funny thing is that their sizing there is so off that they got them big. Grace's is a size 6 and Emma's is a size 2!! WOW! Grace can hardly wear a 3T b/c she is so skinny. Are they really that much smaller or is there sizing just different? Thanks Doug and Holly!!

Anyway, here are the my cute girls.


Emma discovered the toilet paper the other day. I sat her down on the floor in the bathroom while I was going to the restroom. I looked up to see that she had found the roll of toilet paper on Grace's little potty. I have a cute video I will try to upload later, but the picture just shows her reaction... CAUGHT!


And finally, Adam was gone on business a couple days this week and I guess he knew I had a long week... so he brought me some pretty fall daisy's. Such a sweetie.


Tiffany said...

Our church is about to do their picture directory so the photography company has been at our church for scheduling. One of the pictures they have on display is a 3 picture series of a little boy (probably about 9-10 months) in just his diaper & with rolls of toilet paper. His grandparents go to my church & that is what they have hanging in their cute! Emma's bathroom picture reminded me of it. I can't believe she's crawling every where...YIKES!

(and sorry this is so long!)

Andréa said...

Aww, such a thoughtful husband!

Whitney said...

How sweet :) The flowers are beautiful!

Margaret said...

love the flower pic!!!!!
beautiful Grace