Monday, September 08, 2008

more on Emmy

Emma had her 6 month check up today and I just wanted to post her stats before I forget them!
Weight: 16lbs 8ozs (60%)
Height: 26 inches (59%)
Head: 17.5inches (93%) ... lots of brains I'm guessing :)
I also wanted to share the exciting news... Emma is offically crawling!! Only a few feet or so to get to a near by toy, but she is definitly on all 4's (sometimes it's just an army crawl) and going somewhere. I'm sure in no time she will be across the room or in the next room. Time to baby proof this house! I'll post a video as soon as I can get one.


Lindsay said...

Yay... Emmy for crawling!!Gosh, you blink and they are doing something new!!!
That means Averee is right around the corner...:(
We all need to get together soon!
Time for some DIP..even if Tommy and I just started a diet! Shh!

Megan said...

Crawling!! WOW!!! Way to go, Emma!!