Tuesday, September 16, 2008

halloween costumes

Got any ideas?

I don't want to just go to Target and pick one up... I was really thinking of making something. Something easy that is. I thought for Grace maybe a cowgirl (b/c she has these super cute red boots) or maybe a princess and make a tutu. But those ideas are boring. I would like something that I could do for Emma too... or make her be some type of coordinating costume.

Let me know if you have any ideas or know of any good website out there. Thanks.

Oh and Emma ate some squash today. Just about 8 bites, but did good. Grace tried it too (she was BEGGING me!) and she said YUMMY. So if Emma decides she doesn't like this baby food business I guess I can give it all to Grace! :) HA! At least she would eat her veggies this way!


Lu said...

I've been looking on Ebay for the last month or so. Haven't won an auction yet. Costumes are so expensive in the stores... but I might have to buy one new. I love Gymboree's costumes, but they aren't in the stores yet. I had also thought about them coordinating or matching, but Chandler wants to be a train engineer- go figure!

Melissa said...

I need a cute idea too!! Are you bringing the girls trick or treating?? Last year kenz was a zebra, it was cute and then grayson and grace was a cow and giraffe, they were all really cute animals!! but you can use kenzies if you need something..... how are you doing without adam this week?? let me know if you need me to come over some evening, without kenz, thomas's trip to houston got cancelled.. so i can come give u a break if you need!!

The Lada Family said...

Molly is going to be a store bought Bee. It reminds me of the costume from the blind melon cd. I might try to make Avery a lady bug costume and do a red and black tutu style skirt. I like the cowgirl idea.

Barbara said...

Halloween Tip
Grace in her Red Boots, a Yellow Rain Coat w/ a Fireman's Helmet...she can be a fire fighter.
Emma can be the Fire Engine w/hose. (stroller).
Girls Can Be What Ever They Want!
-Love ya...Aunt Barb

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Hey! I just closed my blog to the public for reasons I won't bore you with, but if you'll send me your email address i'll add you to my invited reader's list.


Whitney said...

Hi Lisa,
I don't know if you saw my comment from before but I found your blog from my friend Megan's :)
Yes, I have been on the search for a cute but different costume as well, but no success yet. For coordinating costumes, I thought of:
Little Bo Peep & Sheep
Mary & Her Lamb
A flower & bee
Cinderella and the pumpkin or mouse
Dorothy & Toto from the Wizard of Oz
That's all I got right now :)

Tiara said...

There are a number of Halloween costumes on the market today that are perfect trick or treating and Halloween parties.

Colleen said...

Hey girlie~
Along with the previous suggestion about a flower and a bee and a previous post showing Grace helping plant flowers...she could be a gardener with some overalls, the red boots, gloves (great if it is cold), and a watering can for candy. Emma could be a little flower with on of those headbands that looks like a daisy and a simple green outfit.