Tuesday, February 05, 2008

36 week appointment

Well the numbers are in... the baby weights approximately 6lbs and 6 ozs and is 18.5 inches long! That puts her in the 67th percentile! I have friends that have delivered their full term babies and they weight that much. So basically we are expecting to have a baby about the same size as Grace... she was 8lbs 10ozs and 21 inches!

I really felt like they were going to tell me that she was smaller since I haven't gained as much weight, but oh well. I guess I just make big babies. My amniotic fluid levels were a little low, but nothing to be concerned about yet. Oh and I was dilated 1 centimeter. Nothing exciting, but at least its something! So we went ahead and scheduled to be induced on March 5th if I haven't already had her (my due date is March 3rd). However, I can still change my mind. I am just hoping that I will go on my own before that.

In other news, Grace slept the ENTIRE night without waking up!! WOO HOO!!! She has only done this a few times since we have moved her to a big girl bed. I'm hoping it is a new trend! :) She never would wake up in her crib... I guess she is just trying to get us ready to have a newborn in the house! We will take what we can get!


hyperactivelu said...

You're so tiny. I would never think that you would have such big girls!!! :) Must be your Hubbie! Glad you've got a date, but hopefully she'll come sooner. I'm not much for inductions! Glad Grace is adjusting to the bed. My SIL (sidetrack'd) is also having her second and her oldest, a girl, is going into a big bed and having some issues!

Erin said...

Praying for a safe, natural, not induced delivery!