Tuesday, February 19, 2008

38+ weeks

I had my 38 week appointment today. I can't believe I'm due to have this baby girl in 13 days (give or take... hopefully she will decide to come sooner). My OB said I was dialated to nearly 2 centimeters and I'm still just 50% effaced. So a litle progress since last week. The morning before I had Grace I was checked and I was only a 1.5 centimeters, so maybe Emma isn't far behind.

Oh and on another note, one of my best friends, Hailey, is being induced tomorrow morning to have her second little girl! Many of you know her or hear me talk about her, so say a prayer that her delivery goes smoothly and that their little girl (who is still nameless) is healthy! I'm lucky to have such a wonderful friend... I just wished she didn't live so far away!!


hyperactivelu said...

Good luck to your friend!!!

Megan said...

I thought your blogging silence of a couple of days meant you were having Emma!!

She'll be here before you know it!!

Barbara said...

Pineapple is a natural way to induce labor...so I've read. I spoke with Granny...she said you're ready to drop...and so is Julie.
You, Julie and Becky all due.
oh how our family grows and grows.
Best wishes to you and Adam.
Love you...Aunt Barbara