Friday, February 29, 2008

my sweet baby girl

Dearest Emma,

I know you are nice and warm and cozy in my belly, but daddy and I are really ready for you to come into the world and join the party. We understand that you are going to give us sleepless nights, but we are willing to have those to have you here. I also understand that it is probably nice and quiet in my belly away from your loud big sister, but she can't wait to meet you. She keeps telling me "Emma out!". And your daddy and I couldn't agree more. So whenever you are ready we are waiting to give you lots of hugs and kisses.

your mommy


Barbara said...

Dear Lisa, that is the sweetest message to our newest "extended" family member to be. Keep your spirits up sweet mommy. Emma WILL be born and you have created a beautiful enviroment for her and your family.
Love, Aunt Barbara in Houston

hyperactivelu said...

Hopefully today is the day! Bless your heart! Those last days are miserable, aren't they? Wondering and waiting!

Tiffany said...

Dear Emma,

Come out & play with me!

Love your friend,
Reagan :o)

Ashley said...

That would be great to have her born today!! She'd stay little forever only having a real birthday every four years. I would have loved for Cody to be born on the 29th, have a big party for him every four years, but it wasn't a leap year the year he was born so the 28th it was!

Michelle said...

Dear Emma,
I sure would like to meet you SOONER than later. Please come out and play. You can't hide in your mommy's belly forever!
Baby Grace