Monday, February 04, 2008

Looking for a photographer!

Does anyone know someone in Dallas that does children's photography? I am looking for someone ASAP to take 2 year pics of Grace and newborn pics of the baby next month. Let me know if you know of anyone that is good (and reasonable). I can't spend $200 on the sitting fee alone! Any suggestions welcome!!

ps... I've done Picture People in the past and they have done good, but I am looking for something a little more creative to show Gracie's personality. THANKS!!

OH and I am going to try to post later today... I've been under the weather so just haven't been up to it, but we have lots to update about!


Stacey said...

Try this....

Good luck!

Margaret said...
she is awesome

Janice said...

I only know of Lyndsay Stradtner Life In Motion Photography
but she is located in Austin and her session fees are around $275. But her photos are amazing! Think of it as an investment.

Other places to check out:
Urban Kids Photo

And Photo by Fritty

If I hear of any that are more reasonable I will let you know. :-)

The Duece Crew said...

One of my good friends does it....she was at Noah's 1st birthday if you can remember that far back. Go to Her prices are VERY reasonable for how good she is.

She's great. You will love her. Just let her know you're my cousin too.