Monday, February 04, 2008

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Lots to report on here!

1. Bed progress - Grace is doing better. We have taken the Supernanny approach. THANKS so much for all the suggestions. First, we ended up putting her bed together and buying a rail and that seems to help keep her in more. She has gotten out, but only a couple times. I guess it makes it feel more like a crib. Over the past 5-6 nights we have gone from laying with her till she falls asleep to standing at her door. We do the normal bedtime routine... brush teeth, read books, turn on music, etc and she hops right into bed. We tuck her in and say "I'll be right here". And we walk to the door and just stand there for a few minutes. She will sometimes fuss for a minute after we close the door, but has normally fallen alseep. As far as her waking in the middle of the night... she is doing better. The last few nights she has only gotten up once and stayed in bed. I've gone in there and re-tucked her into bed and stood in her door way for a few minutes and it seems to do the trick. AMEN!!!!! So I've been able to get a bit more sleep. Thanks again. Hopefully things will keep going well. Here is a picture of Grace sleeping in her bed... she looks so tiny in the big bed!!

2. Photographers - Still loooking, but I've emailed a couple of the people that you guys suggested. I was so clueless that photographers are so expensive!! I've been lucky and had friend of friends take her pictures or we have gone to the Picture People and I've never spent more than $100 (including photos). But they are only little once right? Hopefully I will find someone quick! Thanks for your suggestions.

3. 4 weeks in counting... I'm due in 4 weeks... 28 days to be exact. I feel like I have everything to do. Although Emma's room is really coming along! I still have laundry to do and diapers to buy, but hey Walmart is open 24 hours right? I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning and we should be able to make sure its still a girl and see how big this baby is. It's weird because I haven't gained as much with this pregnancy, however I feel so much bigger. This baby is taking up every bit of space that I have. Hopefully this means that the weight I have gained will quickly be lost after her birth!!

4. Grace turning two! Several people have been asking what we are doing for her birthday... well since I'm too tired to throw a big party we are just having a small family dinner at Gattiland. Next year I think we will have a big party... and maybe just do a party every other year. I think it makes it more special then. But if you are just dying to buy her something she could use pajama's (2T) or any new fun toy or book (she loves books!).

5. We have been enjoying the nice warmer weather the last couple days. We let Grace play outside yesterday and she had a blast. Here are a few photos of her playing. Don't you just love her curls! The more humid it is the curly her hair! (Oh and just so you know our neighborhood is half finished, so they have houses popping upeverywhere... including across the street. That is why there is a port-a-potty in our neighbors lawn.... LOVELY huh!)


hyperactivelu said...

Hope you find a photographer! We have a great one in Ga!!! :) I love the pics! I can't believe you have only 4 weeks! So exciting! I also gained less with Grayson and lost all his. Unfortunately I haven't lost Chandler's yet! Ha! That is my goal...lose his baby weight! :) Good luck with the room and diapers. Check out They have a great sale on first order- free shipping and $10 off. I got Luvs- 564 of them for $62 diapers! A great deal...Oh! On size no. 1. Thanks for the Hooter Hider suggestions. I got one off ebay- brand new! I can't wait to use it! :) I'll post about it, maybe!

Melissa said...

Grace is looking older - and of course cute -love the little curls!

Those brown dresses were from Gymboree - it is Jaycie's FAVORITE!

Good luck with the bed thing, sounds like you found what works for you! We are having some waking issues, but mostly due to her being potty trained. Thought that was suppose to be good:) Can't get mad when she wakes up cause she has to go potty!

4 Weeks !! It will fly by! I felt bigger with my 2nd - my belly felt HUGE, but I gained about the same?! Funny how your pregnancies can differ! Good Luck with everything!

Janice said...

Hurray for Gracie sleeping in her Big-Girl-Bed!!! We need to get one of those side rails for Cameron. He's still in his crib (it's convertes into a toddler bed right now, but he's growing out of that one as well).

Hope you find a photog that's right for you guys!

Megan said...

Definitely love the girls! Grace is such a cutie! Congrats on the big bed progress...that whole thing scares me silly!

Erin said...

Such a cutie! Curly hair is awesome! I don't wear mine straight anymore!

Josh and Allie said...

Oh she doesnt look like adam at all in that top picture ;)