Saturday, February 16, 2008


I thought maybe yesterday was the day... the big delivery day that is.

Turns out that darn braxton hicks can really be a teazer! I had contractions pretty much all day and just felt like poop.... but then today I've been fine all day... a few contractions, but nothing exciting. Maybe this girl is just ramping up for her big debut.

2 weeks and 2 days till my actual due date, but as far as I'm concerned she can come anytime now. So little one in my tummy... did you hear that? We are ready for you!!


Michelle said...

I just can't wait to hold that precious baby! I can hardly believe that she could be here any moment now, it just seems like yesterday we were talking about you "thinking" about having another baby and now her arrival is just around the corner! I am praying for a easy and healthy delivery!! Much love!!

hyperactivelu said...

Oh wow! I keep checking your blog... I have a weird feeling that you're gonna go before then! Weird, huh? I just expected to check your blog and it say...She's Here! So.... baby in your tummy.... come on! :) Good luck!

missy said...

Come on Emma! We are all ready and waiting to see your precious little face. I know you're ready, Lisa....those last two weeks are so tough to wait out. I'm praying for you every night! Love you!!

Erin said...

Good luck!