Monday, February 11, 2008


Who knew that getting Grace into a Preschool for the FALL (as in over 6 months from now) would be so difficult.

I started looking for different Mothers-day-out and preschool programs before we even moved. Once we found a house I narrowed the search to a couple local churches very close to our house that I wanted to check out. Grace and I got out and toured our top two choices. My top choice is the church we are currently in the process of joining (we have to do a Membership class that is 4 weeks). Anyway, I love their program... everything about it. It just seemed perfect for us and Grace. But then they told me her class was already full for fall and I couldn't even get her on the waiting list till this morning. Which she is on the waiting list... number 10 on the list!! (I actually waited for an hour and half just to put her on the wait list!!) Anyway, when they told me last week there was already a wait list, I RAN to my second choice and was able to get the LAST spot for the 2 year old class. Now I do like this program just as much, but would love to get her into the program at our soon-to-be church. So right now I'm just thankful that I was able to get her into a program for the Fall, but hoping that I get a call at some point between now and then telling me they have a spot for Grace. I guess I always have next year. :)

I can't wait for her start... she LOVES being around other kids. In the mean time she still gets interaction with my friend's kids and at the church nursery on Sunday mornings. And in just a few weeks she will have a baby sister to play with... well sort of. Good enough for now.


Jamie said...

Amazing isn't it?!
We are on a waiting list for preschool too... and still for speech therapy. It's so frustrating. Hopefully they'll open up another class and you can get Grace in where you really want her!

hyperactivelu said...

It is hard... I was able to get Bubbie in with no problems. Parents around here at one church/school wait overnight! Can you imagine? Glad you found one!

Josh and Allie said...

Good lord! Who would have thought it would be such an ordeal!

Erin said...

Kiddo loves Weeschool, too!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Don't get me started! We only have 2 choices in our town, a town of almost 50,000 and only 2 preschools. CRAZY! Last year, I had to go up the night before and WAIT for them to put the list on the door for you to sign your name, which would determine what order you get called in. So we were first on the list. But the next morning, I sent my husband up there at 4 in the morning and the line was crazy! When he got called in first, he said he made a pregnant lady cry. She thought she was first and we got the last 4 yr old spot. But I'm sure she got in. THe waiting list usually gets called on pretty quickly. People move or change their minds. I bet you'll still get your first choice school even though you're #10.