Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our little Valentine turns TWO!

Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!
We enjoyed a nice night at Gattiland! It was a nice little family birthday. Grace got lots of fun new toys, pjs, shoes and even a picnic table to enjoy this summer! Yes she is totally spoiled! :)

We went to the pediatrician this morning and boy is she growing! She was 26 pounds (40th percentile) and 36.5 inches (95th percentile). The doctor said she is part giraffe!! There is an old wives tale about double their height at age 2... if we do that it would make Grace to be about 5'8" when she is full grown. That is 4 inches taller than me! Our long and lean girl. She seems to be doing good as well as far as development. I've been a bit worried about her speech, but he isn't in the least worried which is a huge relief. I'm sure every parent worries about their kids... you just want them to be smart and successful, right?

Anyway, I know I will look back on this in years from now and wonder how she was ever this litle. But for now I can't believe she is getting so big. She really is turning into a big girl. I'm sure once Emma arrives she will seem even bigger. But for now she is my little baby girl!


Tasha said...

Happy 2nd B Day Grace

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! She is precious!

Erin said...

Happy birthday Gracie!

Jennisa said...

Happy birthday, dear girl! You have eyes that could melt anyones heart! :)

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl! You'll look back on this in a couple months and think how small she was! They grow way too fast.